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30, Peixes, Россия, Москва
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different naked
for you
Detalhes Importantes de WOW-WOMAN
Sexo Feminino
Interessado em Mulheres, Homens
Idade 30
Altura 170 cm - 175 cm
Peso 60 - 70 kg (140 - 160 lbs)
Cabelo Ruivas
Olhos Verdes
Etnia Branco/Caucasiano
Línguas Russo, Inglês
Naturalidade Москва
Pelos púbicos Depilada
Busto Médio
Bunda Grande
O que excita-me
All that can make me realy crazy and force my pussy to cum:) im cumming like fck crazy waterfall, be ware!
Sobre mim
Hello, my name is Erica. I am 30 years old and live in Estonia. Do you know where it is?:) I am an ordinary girl who loves communication. I like to get to know people and connect with them according to their interests. I also love discovering new possibilities and activities.
I am an engineer by education, I worked at plants and factories. But creativity has always been on my way. I love to sing, play musical instruments, I love doing makeup and hair.
Come visit me, I'll be happy to chat with you, and not only... I think you understand what I mean ;)
P.S. It will be cool if you can surprise me with something, and I will surprise you too, so that we can catch the same wave together with you;)
O que me faz perder o interesse
violence and insult
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A little bit of me
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you need to watch this haha
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I like to combine sex and food
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Travel to a Sea!!
Travel to a Sea!!
My third wish is to travel to a sea! It doesn't matter which one, I just love sunsets and the sound of the surf to madness...
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Buy a moto
Buy a moto
This is my second wish! Im a fan of speed, wind and freedom and motorcycle fits it enough to me:) I had one Suzuki Desperado but had to sell it and now its my second wish:) Triumph Rocket III GT
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Build or buy a house
Build or buy a house
This is my first wish and I think that house occupies one of the main roles in life of every person, but for me it is almost a sacred object. My dream is to buy a house in a warm place, on a cliff or a steep seashore, so that every day I can enjoy what Mother Nature has given me. I would draw my pictures there and create music, I would grow my favorite plants and live as I always dreamed of - in peace and doing only what I like to do. Love to your house, my dears :)
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